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Sep 9, 2022


 However - 1983 - Calling

East coast band with strong Canterbury school besides MUFFINS or HAPPY THE MAN and RIO influences. HOWEVER delivers a very experimental music rich in wind instruments, accoustic guitars and many vintage keyboards. They use their musical abilities to build upon the GENTLE GIANT and Canterbury foundation to create a music that can only be described as one of the better American efforts from the late '70s into the '80s. There are some nice female vocals on a few compositions. Truly excellent! 

However Calling

Stop Sign 2:10
Spheres Of Action 3:22
Favour Me Oblivion 4:53
Sigh 2:07
On The Face Of The World 6:50
Heroe's Return 4:07
Airplay    3:15
Calling    2:42
Little Ricky (The Next Generation) 5:50
Wild / Cold With Monotony & Trio 8:48
The World War 0:30
Chips 2:33

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