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Sep 19, 2018


Priam - 2001 - Diffraction

Highly recommend!

The French instrumental progressive fusion quartet PRIAM was founded out of the ashes of the late-eighties progressive rock group ARLEQUIN. Their music is complex with busy interaction between players. PRIAM is one of the most adventurous groups of recent years, with a very virtuoso guitarist (Chris CASAGRANDE) and a rhythmic section very well structured and versatile, involved softly in keyboards that invite you to wonder. His influences are exceedingly diverse, ranging from classical giants like BACH to prog rock luminaries YES, ANGLAGARD and MAGMA to fusion pioneers MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA. 

Diffraction (Open Limit) 14:48
Congruatic Blvd 5:42
Granito Rosa Del Oeste 12:53
Sensitiviris (Chrysalid Square) 10:30
Stella... 5:30
...In Pace 7:04
Lakeside 7:30 AM 4:20
Feel D-Fract° 6:53

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