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Jun 21, 2019


Woodenhead - 1992 - The Big Picture

Woodenhead are a very long-lived (fusion quartet featuring the amazing guitarist & leader Jimmy Robinson with keyboards, bass & drums. They are based in New Orleans and seem to seldom leave Louisiana, and while they are underknown outside of LA, they are quite popular there, playing festivals and bars.
The sound is 75% Dixie Dregs with 25% progressive / symphonic rock topped with a good dash of local Cajun spice on the top. They are a great band and the best way to hear their music is to hear them ripping it out in front of an enthusiastic crowd.
To celebrate their 43rd anniversary, they have self-released this live recording from a local hall; lots of fusion fireworks will be found here!

Woodenhead - 1992 - The Big Picture

1 Just Too Complicated Enough
2 Pulse Code
3 King Rootin' Tootin'
4 Pick Chickens
5 Black Triangle
6 Falling Up
7 Water From The Moon
8 Fat Jerry
9 Moving Parts
10 Shorty Nelson

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