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Oct 8, 2019



QUALITY CHANGED TO REAL 320 because of better Source

Volker Kriegel - 2019 - Biton Grooves

Biton thus produced a total of five albums in which Volker Kriegel was involved - but which were forgotten for a long time and did not even appear in many early discographies. However, collectors in the completion mania then paid ever higher amounts for these LPs, and also some DJs had discovered the Biton sound and obtained beats & breaks for their own productions from it. With this release of the Volker Kriegel: Biton Grooves there are now 37 tracks in best quality, crackle-free and affordable, which Kriegel and his fellow musicians recorded in the sessions for the legendary LPs BIT 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008. And read the names of the participants, then it quickly becomes clear that this was the first league of German jazz and jazz rock at the start. 

Volker Kriegel - 2019 - Biton Grooves

01. Hands Off
02. The Stop-Watch
03. Towards You
04. In And Out
05. In The Playground
06. Outline
07. Palm Dreams
08. Mouse-Funk
09. Madison Bold
10. Clearface Heavy
11. One Day In Summer
12. Flute Statement
13. Song For Anja
14. Soul Zebra
15. Summer Breeze
16. Soft Thunder
17. Sweet Soul Samba
18. In Your Face
19. Bahia Next Year
01. Certao
02. Dialog
03. Delay Time
04. Fly Easy
05. We Will Sing
06. El Naranjo
07. Just For You
08. Some Truck Funk
09. Big Tattoo
10. Mr.Solomon
11. I Can See You Now
12. You've Got It
13. Fortaleza
14. Walking Distance
15. Jenny Comes Back
16. Sticker
17. Batida
18. Fountain Valley

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