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Oct 26, 2020


Spri - 2020 - My House

 please take a look on their webseite

I've got permission to publish this to you jazz lovers out there!


This a new Trio from France influencend by classical music, Zappa, Frisell, Neil Young and more...

Spri, which comes from the word 'Spraoi' in Gaelic, means 'fun, amusing, energetic joy'. This perfectly describes the spirit of the band, whose goal is to improvise and together create music that is energetic, dangerous, daring and beautiful. 

John Owens on guitar, Jules Le Risbé on organ and Gabriel Rigaud on drums are linked by their friendship, their jazz culture and their taste for rock. Their compositions create an immediate bond with the public on a common ground of music, smile and sweat: electric jazz!

My humble oppinion:

after carefully listening to this realease we can say that those guys are skilled, doing by strong hammond influenced energetic jazz without bounderies!

Spri My House

Down the Line
Long time no sea
Magic Jacket
Say what you see
My House

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